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The British High Commissioner for Nigeria, Catriona Laing, said the number of Nigerians applying for visas to the UK has increased recently. Laing made the revelation in Abuja on Sunday when she appeared on in an interview with the press. However, she said the British government is aware of the situation and is in talks with the Nigerian government to avoid a brain drain, especially in the health sector. The High Commissioner expressed her joy that the UK has become an attractive destination for Nigerians, especially students, adding that the UK stands ready to welcome talent. “You know, there are people from Nigeria in the UK,” she said. That’s why people like to go where their family and friends are. Second, of course, English makes it much easier. The third is education. And those who studied will want to come back. And I hope you know that we are a hospitable country and that we want to welcome talented people, whether they come to study or to work. “A significant number of Nigerians are interested in the UK and there has been a significant increase in Nigerian student visa applications. One of the reasons is that we have changed our policy.“So it has become easier for Nigerian students to stay after graduation. “There is a labour shortage in the UK right now. But we also don’t want to be responsible for a massive brain drain from Nigeria, so we have to balance that. We also need talent. “The health care sector is therefore an example of a large number of Nigerian medical professionals, with both nurses and doctors in the National Health Service,” Laing said.

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