The problem with read and get paid sites is that majority are just scam. Here, I’m giving you five of the top 5 sites where you can either read or write and get paid for it.

1. Opera news (write)

If you use Opera mini, you must have seen several articles in the homepage written by Opera writers.

They are paid for this writing and with much work and effort, can make as much as 50k from home.

If you know you have what it takes, then this is the most ideal writing platform for a writer in Nigeria.

2. Fiverr (write)

Fiverr is thankfully available to Nigerian. It’s a platform where you act as a freelancer and sell your work. I.e you can write a short story, edit someone’s work for a fee.

It doesn’t stop at writing. You can edit pictures, so graphic designs etc to people who need it and get paid once you’ve delivered.

3. Giftal world (read)

Although it requires a fee of less than 5k, giftal world allows you to read news, comment and like them to get paid. If you can refer someone to join, even better.

All you need to do is read, comment and like regularly and you can make more than 9k a week.

4. Upwork (write)

Upwork too is thankfully available in Nigeria. It’s very similar to Fiverr. After registering, you get work and are paid once you’ve delivered.

5. NewsNaija (read)

Here you can read articles and get paid. First you have to register with a fee of less than 2k. The problem here is that you also have to refer two people before you can withdraw but if you’re able to this, you’re good to go.

6. Guru (write)

This is a freelancing site where you can be hired as a freelancers from various industries to perform certain tasks and jobs. The pay on Guru is usually higher because of the need for professionals.

5 thoughts on “Top 6 platforms in Nigeria that pays you to write articles or read news.”
  1. I’d add to the listing: The secret of NIMH, The Satan and Daniel
    Mouse, Rock & Rule (unsure if kids have been the viewers
    for this, however I noticed it when I was a kid and it was animated), Plague Dogs (traumatized me manner more than Adams’ Watership Down), The Talking Parcel, animated model of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Warriors
    of the Wind (which is only a butchered model of Nausicaa, so probably just watch Nausicaa.
    I saw all of these that got here out when I used
    to be a kid and liked them. I additionally noticed numerous films and
    read books decidedly NOT for kids too, although. Just about all
    Tim Burton movies might make this record however I have chosen this film as
    a result of it was his first. And mother and father can limit viewing of naughty elements of films for his or
    her children. I am positive everyone whose seen this film can recall this one cinematic second
    the place Atreyu looses his faithful companion, his horse, in a patch of quicksand as
    he tries desperately to avoid wasting the struggling

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