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SCRIPTURE: I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. Revelation 3:15.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: People with zero passion for God are neither interested in God nor in Who He is; they are only interested in what He can do for them.

You are welcome to the second month of the Year 2022. In this month, God shall perfect all that concerns you, in Jesus’ Name.

In our world today and even in the church, there are people with little or zero passion for God. People with zero passion for God are neither interested in God nor in Who He is; they are only interested in what He can do for them. That is why, in times of deep worship of God during church services, you could see such people lifting pictures, certificates, business proposals, letters or resumes, for God to bless instead of lifting their hands in worship to God. For such people, the only thing that matters as far as going to church is concerned is the challenge that brought them to church.

It may interest you to know that going to church alone is not a proof of Christianity. Seeking miracles, signs, wonders and breakthroughs is not the essence of Christianity.

Now, of what use is a miracle to someone who was suffering from paralysis, got healed and then walked out of a wheel chair in this world only to walk into hellfire in the afterlife due to a lifestyle of sin? What is the use of miracles like blind eyes opening, marital delays being terminated, crawling careers experiencing supernatural turnaround, persons with HIV/AIDS getting healed etc., if the people who received such miracles on earth ended in hell at the end of their lives?

Beloved, do not let miracles or breakthroughs be the reason for serving God. Seek God for Who He is and not what He can do for you.

REMEMBER THIS: People with zero passion for God are neither interested in God nor in Who He is; they are only interested in what He can do for them.


  1. Avoid the tragedy of zero passion for God.
  2. Seek God for Who He is more than for what He can do for you.

PRAYER: Lord, I thank You for opening my eyes to see Your Word today. I ask that You deliver me from the plague of zero passion for You. Help me to seek Your Face Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


QUOTE: Passion determines the future. Culled from “15 KINGDOM STRATEGIES FOR SURVIVAL” by Dr Paul Enenche.

DAILY BIBLE READING: Numbers 35-Deuteronomy 2

REFLECTION: God does not create man to use him. God created man to worship Him and serve Him. The outflow of worship and service is the Blessing. What is the extent of your worship and service of God?

PROPHETIC WORD/DECLARATION: The Lord release upon you the fresh passion for the worship and service of God in Jesus’ Name.

The present devotion was composed by Pastor Paul Enenche and Pastor Mrs Becky Enenche of the Dunamis International Gospel Center (DIGC), settled at Abuja, Nigeria, with Pastor Paul and Becky Enenche, as the Senior Pastors. It is a force stuffed field where God’s Presence, Principles and Power are grinding away for the salvation, recuperating and rebuilding of human fates and nobilities.

LIGHTGOSPEL COUNSEL’S: Until you are brought back to life, God regularly standing presence will never be with you. You must be born again to enjoy constant triumph. If it’s not too much trouble say the showed petition beneath in Faith.

Lord Jesus, come into my life. I believe acknowledge you as my Lord and Personal Savior. I believe in my heart that You died and became alive once again to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus precious name, Amen.

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