Qatar vs Ecuador: La Tri set to spoil party for hos

History will be made on Sunday when Qatar make their World Cup debut and host Ecuador in the opening game of the 2022 edition of Mundial. The Qatari team, who is currently 50th in the FIFA rankings, is on paper in a duel with an underdog and could ruin the undefeated host nation’s impeccable record once the competition begins. However, Qatar head coach Felix Sanchez has warned football fans not to underestimate his team. Sanchez stressed that although he is not a World Cup favorite, his opponents, including Ecuador, need to prepare for a tough challenge. The Spaniard said:Of course, we are not talking about Qatar winning the World Cup, but it is our task to see them play against three teams at a good level. “And that’s football and you never know what’s going to happen.” Ecuador’s Gustavo Alfalardo head coach emphasized his World Cup fame, adding that he was nothing compared to qualifying where la tri was impressive. Alfredo acknowledged that his team might not go very far in the competition and was confident his presence would be felt in Qatar.He said:“The World Cup is very different from qualifying. “They are a better team than us because they were pot number 4 when the draw was made. If we were the best we would have been in pot 1 or 2. We have to make things difficult and we have to be pebbles in their shoes. ” This will be the fourth time the two have faced each other, and the previous three meetings have resulted in one win and one draw, but the fact that it is the opening game alone is enough to set off the spark of the tournament. Playing in front of their home fans will see Qatar put up a brave display, but against an experienced Ecuadorian side, the victory leans towards the South American side.

Samuel Alexander

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