In the midst of the global economic downturn and difficulties in the local economy. As a result, Nigerians have turned to Konga Yakata as an appropriate way to shop this holiday season at reasonable prices without breaking the bank.

According to a statement released by the e-commerce platform Konga, the Konga Yakata, Black Friday sale, which began on November 11 and would continue through Monday, December 12, 2022, was regarded as the largest sale of the year in Nigeria’s annual shopping calendar.

Anthony Nwabuisi, the Group Head of Marketing, stated that the company had experienced increased sales in advance of its global Black Friday celebration on November 25, 2022.

This year’s Konga Yakata has gotten off to an impressive start for us.General consumer sentiment is far above expectations, despite the unquestionably difficult economic conditions.We have received an overwhelming number of verified orders before Black Friday, which is on November 25.

He added that customers understood that they could rely on Konga for value and guaranteed best prices, factors that have become even more relevant in light of the current realities. He also commented on how Konga Yakata has remained a pivotal sales campaign for shoppers.

“Yes, we are seeing higher order counts and GMV,” he stated.However, overall offtake has been affected by the economic situation.The situation has also had an overall impact on the Average Order Value because, when compared to last year, we are trending at N21k rather than N26k.However, consumers are now actually placing a bit more of an emphasis on FMCG and groceries as opposed to mobile phones, computing, etc., and we have seen an increase in the adoption of smarter shopping in terms of deals and pricing.

Nevertheless, adoption is extremely positive.Since we have a lot of online sessions and traffic, we need to keep the platform stable and provide our customers with the best possible experience.Disconnected, we have additionally recorded great impressions from the actual Konga stores cross country.Truth be told, retail deal is moving at 64.49per penny, with normal people walking through of 2k in addition to across the entirety of our stores,” he closed.

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