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Telecom giant MTN Nigeria has expressed interest in buying anothe 5G licenses from the Nigerian government, throwing the telecom industry into turmoil. Other telecommunications companies’ objections relate to the fact that MTN had already received 5G license for US$273.6 million from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) a few months ago. MTN’s interest in another 5G license is shaking the telecom industry. Operators show renewed interest in MTN joining other networks to bid for another 5G network license after NCC recently announced the sale of two additional slots in the 3.5 gigahertz (GHz) range I find it difficult to understand why I should. Frequency bands for building 5G networks in the country. Each license is booked for $273.6 million, for a total of $547.2 million, according to a draft information memorandum posted on the NCC’s website. Other operators have asked the NCC to ignore MTN’s request. Representatives of carriers such as Airtel said MTN’s move was against the spirit of competition in a market where carriers own multiple licenses when other players have not yet obtained their licenses. claimed. As such, he opposed MTN’s application to participate in the 5G license auction scheduled for December 2022. Speaking about the development, Ubale Maska, NCC’s technical service executive and commissioner, said there is precedent and the MTN request is not the first in the telecommunications industry as Nigeria is an open market. said. Also, NCC executive his vice chairman Umar Garba Danbatta said all requests will be fully considered and final feedback will be provided before the auction. “The motive is not to create money for the federal government. It has nothing to do with the income we generate. The price was determined at a previous auction. We always refer to the lowest price, regardless of when the auction takes place,” Dambatta said. He added that further comment has been sought and the auction process is not intended to generate revenue for the government. In Nigeria, we have four of the 5G licenses, two of which have been auctioned to MTN and Mafab Communication and have yet to be commercialized. However, MTN said it won Lot B in 2021, and NCC is currently auctioning Lot A and C. The telecom company’s position is that OEMs making 5G equipment often produce in two lots, either A and B or B and

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