Just in: Nnamdi Kanu’s health is deteriorating, an Kanu’s lawyer wrote.

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Special Counsel for Biafra’s indigenous leader Barrister Aloy Ejimakor announced that IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu’s health was declining. Ejimakor, who wrote a letter to the European Union in Nigeria on Wednesday and posted a copy of it on his Twitter page, called on the EU to intervene in Kanu’s case, adding that the federal government would listen to requests from the EU. He added that the EU should urge the Nigerian government to stop further prosecution of Kanu and instead engage him constructively in the search for a political solution to the Biafra issue. Here is part of the letter: Arbitrary Detention and Related Decisions by the Federal High Court of Nigeria (Umuahia). “Your Excellency, our decision to bring this matter to the EU mission in Nigeria (and thus to your home government) reflects the excellent human rights record of the EU and the supranational diplomatic actions that the EU or the mission can exercise against our government. It was driven by influence: convincing Nigeria to do the right thing. “We are also deeply concerned about Mr Kanu’s declining health, which has been exacerbated by inhumane prison conditions, including solitary confinement since June 27, 2021. “Therefore, we trust your mission and your home government to give our humble prayers the most urgent and immediate attention and consideration.The lawyer added that the EU’s intervention was necessary to encourage the federal government “to be guided by the opinion of the UN Working Group, the letter and spirit of the judgment of the Federal Court on all matters concerning Mr. Kanu.” , the judgment of the High Court of Abia State, and the judgment of the Nigerian Court of Appeal.” He also urged the EU to “intervene with the Nigerian government to stop and stop further prosecution of Mr Kanu and instead engage constructively in seeking a political solution to the Biafra issue.” An appeals court said he dismissed Kanu in October, but the federal government argued that he was only dismissed and not innocent. Kanu was extradited from Kenya to Nigeria in 2021 after the Federal Attorney General and Minister of Justice Abubakar announced that he was at a press conference in Abuja in June 2021.

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