A non-governmental organisation, the Hope Hossana Foundation, is collaborating with the DG-Integrated Energy services, to train 10,000 young people in the Federal Capital Territory in the energy sector.

The preparation project, labeled, “Lightup FCT”, is in accordance with the establishment’s vision to give elective answers for the nation’s power area.

Talking at a preparation in Abuja, the Managing Director, DGIS, Chibuike Onyejeitu, said the national grid could no longer cater for all Nigerians, adding that the sun was the best source of energy for Nigeria.

He said, “The time to connect everybody to the national grid is over, because we do not have the political will and infrastructure to connect everybody to the grid.

Nwachukwu Mary, who represented the Hope Hossana Foundation, expressed optimism that the organisation would reach its 10,000 trainees mark by the end of the programme.

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