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Instead of going to court over the Nigeria Air deal, the Chief Executive Officer of Centurion Security Limited, Capt. John Ojikutu (retd.), advised domestic airlines to apply to be flag carriers.
He stated that the Airline Operators of Nigeria lawsuit against the Federal Government as well as its foreign technical partners and majority shareholders raised questions in his mind.
He argued that there are numerous flaws in the FGN-ET agreement.
Ojikutu suggested that domestic airlines should avoid going to court and instead seek approval from the government to designate one or two of them as flag carriers.
“I believe that the private airlines can, rather than wasting their time, seek approval from the government to designate one or two of them as flag carriers on at least five Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement routes,” the author states.
He expressed displeasure regarding the ET partnership and stated that, in his opinion, the airline would perish in the same manner as the defunct Virgin Nigeria.
“So, it is not something that will be forced on the next administration,” he stated.The requirement that we form a partnership with ET is not a government policy.So, I’m confident that the next government won’t give in to that.
They now have a government airline rather than a national one.The government simply called one or two individuals.Two individuals hold 78% of the shares in SAHCOL, while one foreign individual holds 60% in MRS.Therefore, in my opinion, the government and one or two individuals are always to blame.

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