If you want to start an importation business, your starting point is to order goods from China to Nigeria.

There are various means you can order your goods from China to Nigeria.

Whichever methods you want to use, you have to make sure that it is safe and secure so that at the end of the day, your goods will reach you.

Here you can take a look at the most commonly used modes of ordering your goods from China and receiving them in Nigeria without stress.

1) Through Chinese Sourcing Agents

The advantage of using Chinese sourcing agents to order your goods from China is that you can easily capitalize on their networks.

Most of the sourcing agents have a broad network of suppliers and producers from whom you can order your goods.

What you will do is that you will contact your sourcing agents listing the kind of goods or products that you wish to import.

Then, your sourcing agent will search for a list of your selected goods and products.

They normally use some parameters such as cost, Minimum Order Quality (MOQ), and delivery time, to search for suppliers and factories for you.

Once they come up with a list of possible manufacturers and suppliers that meet your requirements, they will present the list to you.

They will then give you information about each of the manufacturers or suppliers and give you the advantage and disadvantages of each.

This will help you to pick the best supplier for your goods or product you want to purchase.

Though ordering goods through a sourcing agent is advantageous as it can assist you to order quality goods at a lesser price, there are some disadvantages.

Your sourcing agent, for instance, may not be in the position to reveal some facts about your supplier or manufacturer. They may also slow down the importation of your goods since they are intermediaries in your importation process.

2) Order Goods Directly from Chinese Supplier or Manufacturals

You can attempt to order goods directly from any of the Chinese suppliers or factories

This is possible, mostly if you are well known in the industry and hence have built a relationship with your supplier.

However, if you are a new, it will take a lot to order directly from your supplier. 

For instance, you will need to visit your supplier’s factory to confirm the production process. You will also need to collect some samples to confirm that the products that you want to import are of the right quality.

Once you are satisfied with your supplier and the goods, you can now place your order for the products.

The advantage of this method is that you have control over your order. You can contact your supplier directly in case of any problem concerning your products or goods.

Also, because you have eliminated intermediary and now dealing directly with your supplier, it means you can place your order at a lower price.

3) Through Online Market Places

The online Marketplaces are the other means of placing order for your products from China and get them easily in Nigeria.

There are safe and trusted websites on the internet that you can make use of to order your goods or products from China to Nigeria.

There are a lot of genuine sites. However, the most common and widely used sites are

AliExpress, Alibaba and DH gate.

Alibaba enables you to interact online with various suppliers depending on what you need.

If you want to import a large volume or quantity of goods in wholesale, then you will need to make use of Alibaba.

You can discuss with your suppliers or your manufactures on the cost of your goods to be imported.

The advantage of importing goods through Alibaba is that you can effortlessly see the assessments of your supplier through their previous works 

Therefore, you can easily pick the supplier you want, based on how well they dealt with their previous buyers.

 On the other hand, AliExpress will give you a chance to import small amounts of goods majorly for retail purposes.

Just like Alibaba, there is an assurance of the quality and delivery of your goods which you order from your supplier.

Some other online sited that you can visit to search for your suppliers are DH gate, Made in China, and so on.

However, for whichever way you pick from the above, you will need to do a background check on the suppliers to offer you protection from scammers. Ensure security before you engage any supplier for the importation of goods.

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