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National airline project halted by court as domestic airline sues federal government and its foreign technology partners and controlling shareholders Some eight local airlines and their associations took the government to court on Friday, indicting Nigerian Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika, Attorney General of the federation Abubakar Malami, and others. Among other stakeholders, domestic airlines want the court to stop doing business with domestic airlines and revoke the air transport license already granted to Nigerian Airlines by the Federal Government/Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. increase.

The company that acted as transaction advisor for the deal was also incorporated last March and claimed to be affiliated with the Minister of Aviation.

The local airline further claimed that the ATL issued to Air Nigeria had failed its normal security clearance.

According to them, the federal government’s partnership with Ethiopian Airlines on the project would put the domestic airline out of business by opening up the domestic air travel market to Ethiopian Airlines.

In September this year, the federal government named the Ethiopian Airlines Consortium as the preferred bidder for Nigerian Airlines, announced by Aviation Minister Hadi Sirika of Abuja.

However, it emerged on Sunday that Nigerian registered airline trustees, including Azman Airlines, Air Peace, Max Air, TobBrass Aviation and United Nigeria Airlines, filed a lawsuit against the move on Friday.

The defendants in the lawsuit include Sirika, Nigerian Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Federal Attorney General Abubakar Malami. The suit was filed in the Federal High Court of Nigeria in the Lagos Judicial Division.

Four defendants

The first, second, third and fourth defendants in the suit were Nigeria Air Limited, Ethiopian Airlines, Senator Hadi Sirika, and Attorney-General of the Federation.

The court summoned Sirika and other defendants named in the suit to cause an appearance to be entered for them to the summons within 30 days after service of the summons on them.

The court said the summons was for the determination of several questions. It outlined the questions to include, “1. Companies and allied Matters Act 2020, SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Nigeria Consolidation Rules and Regulations 2013 (as amended in 2022), Nigeria Investment Promotion Board Act, International Civil Aviation Organization Convention, Civil Aviation Act, Public Procurement Act, Public-Private Partnership Procurement Process in the Federal Government under the Sessions Regulatory Commission (Est.) Act, 2005, Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act, National Policy on Public-Private Partnerships (N4P) and Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations, 2015 Nigerian Aviation Law, corporate law, and other regulatory laws relating to investment law. Section 1 Defendant’s acts, actions and/or decisions in the sale of shares and business are null and void.

“2. In particular, the administrative conduct of the Third and Fourth Defendants in the sale of shares of the First Defendant to the Second Defendant and its consortium, whether or not pursuant to a construction contract of the International Civil Aviation Organization, and The decision in its entirety is not null and void and has no effect when taking into account the process initiated and existing local and international aviation laws and regulations, including the conditions set in the solicitation of proposals.

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