Late Sammie Okposo photo credit

The Nigerian media outlet was tossed into grieving following the death of famous gospel artist, Sammie He died at 51.
Fans and fellow entertainers paid tribute to the late singer on social media following the announcement.
Sharing Okposo’s video on his Facebook page, individual gospel artist, Tosin Honey bee, expressed, “Amazing!I still cannot comprehend this.Last night, we talked about how we should contact you today to tell you that it’s time to release this project you love so much.
You put a lot of effort into it and kept an eye on the situation at all times.Just as this project is about to be released, “Haaaaaa!”
On Instagram, comedian Lepacious Bose wrote, “No!Nooo!!This report is not acceptable to me.Please, Lord, no.
“May the Lord comfort the Okposo family,” the comedic actor Woli Arole said.Sammie Okposo, Rest In Peace.

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