The federal authorities, on Wednesday, expressed problem over mind drain withinside the fitness area and sought approaches to deter the migration of the scientific team of workers from Nigeria to different countries.


The Minister of State for Health, Joseph Ekumankama, raised the priority in the course of the thirtieth annual clinical convention and wellknown assembly of the Nigerian Society of Anaesthetists (NSA) in Abuja.


Mr Ekumankama, represented through David Atuwo, the director and senior technical assistant withinside the ministry, stated the authorities had cited a number of the issues raised, and efforts have been directly to cope with them.


“Government is involved approximately the growing tide of mind drain and pointers on approaches to mitigate the exodus of fitness team of workers, mainly younger anaesthetists, are welcome,” Mr Ekumankama stated.


“We observe the less range of contributors of the career which might be presently withinside the country, and I can guarantee you that the ministry is asking into it.”


The NSA president, Elizabeth Nwasor, additionally indexed a number of the demanding situations affecting the organisation, such as the insufficient range of anaesthetists to cater for the populace, mind drain, and health facility facilities, amongst others.


“Shortage of anaesthetics in Nigeria, we had much less than 1200 before, however now with this big exodus, we’ve got much less than 1,000 anaesthetists for the entire populace of 2 hundred million human beings.


“This is grossly insufficient and now no longer acceptable, in line with WHO standards,” she stated.


A representative anaesthetist, Obashina Ogunbiyi, whilst providing a lecture on “The Turning Point in Anaesthesia Workforce, the Nexus among Anaesthesia Workforce and Research in Nigeria,” highlighted the outcomes of mind drain at the nation’s fitness area.


Mr Ogunbiyi indexed a few elements that make a contribution to mind drain, such as bad welfare and running environment, insufficient infrastructure, lack of confidence and chronic assaults through different expert bodies.


“Governments in any respect degrees have to cope with lack of confidence, which the existing authorities is making an attempt to do, however they could do better. And as soon as that is captured, I guarantee you human beings will need to stay withinside the country, further to team of workers and incentives,” he stated.

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