Airline operators blame FAAN, reject aviation fuel racketing

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The Airline Operators of Nigeria have voiced their displeasure with the numerous issues affecting the aviation industry and stated that the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria is to blame for flight delays and cancellations.
They claimed that the country’s numerous flight delays were caused by inadequate airport infrastructure.
On Wednesday, at a press conference in Abuja, this was made public.
Talking at the occasion, the Director of Air Harmony, Allen Onyema, said with regards to flight postponements and retractions such countless things are involved which many individuals don’t have the foggiest idea yet rather fault the carriers, adding that no aircraft on the planet would need to defer flights on account of the expense suggestions.
When I know I’ll have to pay a lot, how could I just wake up and want to delay my flight?
In addition, Onyema stated that Nigerian airlines operate in a hostile environment with inadequate infrastructure.
The airlines are at everyone’s mercy.Because it is not profitable, Nigerian airline owners are patriotic.They should be praised rather than demonized because they are performing this service to Nigeria.
“We ought to be commended for still remaining afloat because Nigerian indigenous airlines are performing under certain conditions.Is it fuel infrastructure or forex?What about bird strikes in a peaceful nation?Because we pay for these services, the airlines would have taken FAAN to court for all of the bird strikes.Over twenty bird attacks had occurred in a year on Air Peace alone.
In the meantime, Prof. Obiora Okonkwo, Chairman of United Nigeria Airlines and AON Spokesperson, stated that airlines suffer as a result of massive racketeering in aviation fuel imports.
He claims that aviation fuel that sells for more than N800 per liter is unacceptable because our calculations indicate that it shouldn’t be selling for more than N500 per liter.
“The authorities should make forex available and take action against the fuel racketeering,” he stated.We are spending more than the actual cost.We are not asking for free money or a subsidy; rather, since the burden is being placed on the travelers, the right thing should be done.
Capt. Top Brass Aviation’s Chief Executive Officer and PresidentRoland Iyayi mentioned that more than anything else, inadequate critical infrastructure causes flight delays.
He stated that the apron area, check-in counters, and airports are primarily sunset-oriented, making them inaccessible for nighttime operations.
The fact of the matter is, have you been to Abuja Airport during peak times?Is it possible to house roughly ten airlines in a small living room?For instance, if an airline has flight schedules for Owerri, Enugu, Kano, Jos, and Maiduguri, those destinations ought to have their own desks; however, this is not the case.

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