According to Rakiyat Mohammed, Director of Information Technology at the Central Bank of Nigeria, approximately 36 million Nigerians do not have access to financial services at the present time.
This was said on Tuesday at the Zenith Bank Tech Fair in Lagos by Mohammed, who was in charge of developing and implementing the eNaira.
She said that CBN is the first Central Bank in Africa and the second in the world to launch a Central Bank Digital Currency in her presentation at the fair, which is themed “Future forward.”
She claims that the urgent need to provide “financial inclusion to the 36m Nigerians who currently lack access to financial services” prompted the creation of the CBDC.
She said, “Nigeria has the sixth most developed retail installment framework.According to an ACI report, this was the case.Consequently, that report will explain why.
Brett King, an Australian futurist and best-selling author, said in his keynote address that Artificial Intelligence and the increased use of technology in various fields would have a profound impact on the labor force in the coming decades.
King stated, “It is not really like fortune telling when we talk about what will be happening in the next 20 or 30 years.”It is a prediction.Trends, behaviors, and the realm of possibilities are all examined.
The pandemic created a great deal of uncertainty.The emergence of climate change comes alongside this.which is a very real worry.Artificial intelligence also has an effect on us.Robots will have an effect, particularly on employment.

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